through non-formal education for street children

Born in families with no basic shelter and livelihood, these children are kept from their basic rights of acquiring an education. For them, every moment on the streets is traumatic and leaves an adverse effect on their minds. Without an education, these children are often left directionless and are deprived of means of making a livelihood to improve their conditions. 

Through TOUCH Bridge School- these children are nurtured with opportunities being provided to them to educate themselves. Games, songs, skits, stories and modern audio-visual techniques are used to engage their minds and enable them with skills. In addition to mentally stimulating them, TOUCH also provides them with daily nutritional supplements during the course of the sessions. 

Regular health check-ups are ensured, providing them with preventive health measures. With the constant support of the institution, the families of these children eventually are encouraged with its efforts and admit their children to the residential educational facility- Balgram