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                    Principle of 3 gaurdianship.

                    Principle of 3 gaurdianship.

Educational Child Support

The basic rights of acquiring an education is denied to a large number of a children in the downtrodden sections of the society, for lack of means and resources to educate them.

We at TOUCH act as guardians to these children by creating a conducive environment, providing them with appropriate guidance and opportunities for their unhindered education. With the participation of members from our community that work on our special principle of three guardianship, TOUCH supports education of children from distant and remote places as well as urban slums. 

By sharing, caring and encouragement that is coupled with timely guidance, TOUCH creates better opportunities for underprivileged children to transform them into socially conscious and virtuous citizens. TOUCH aims at instilling them with confidence, emotional stability and unparalleled self esteem that can help them pave their way into a harmonious integration with the mainstream society.